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Feminism: From Grassroots to Full Bloom

by Ali Mailen Perrotto

Ali is the Online Resource Coordinator at the National Sexual Violence Resource Center.

Blogger Bio: Feminism excites me! Let's take a look at the way it informs, impacts and shapes the movement against sexual violence.

Blog Description: A blog about the growth of feminist thought and praxis in the movement to end sexual violence.


In my last post, I discussed the influence of feminist thought in shaping my own personal lens to recognizing oppression. Acknowledging that definitions are many in this great movement, I shared one of my favorites from bell hooks: “Feminism—a movement to end sexist oppression.” Great definition, short and sweet, but WOW does it pack some power! Over the next few posts, let’s unpack some elements of this loaded definition.


I got so excited about this blog post! I want to share my deep feelings about feminism and the movement. Talk about neat happenings and tough issues. Instead, I’m going to rein myself in, and begin at…the beginning. One of my greatest teachers shared an important lesson with me at the onset of my Feminist journey:

The question, “what is feminism?” has many answers.


One of my favorite things about feminism is the power that emerges in honoring the collective voice and experience. In many ways, I think that’s why I feel so at home in working to end sexual violence. There are so many advocates and activists who genuinely take the time to listen to someone tell about an experience. There is thought, reflection, collective decision-making and action, and it happens every day.



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