Social marketing campaigns

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Social marketing campaigns

One prevention tool that has focused on bystanders is social marketing campaigns. These tools blanket communities with awareness messages about prevention to try to mobilize bystanders. Examples of these tools are growing in number though few have been rigorously evaluated.

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Examples of social marketing campaigns

The following are examples of social marketing campaigns that take a bystander focus.

1. Know Your Power - developed by Potter and Stapleton at the University of New Hampshire. This is an example of a SMC that has been evaluated. A number of studies show that exposure to this campaign changes attitudes such that people indicate greater readiness to take action and be a part of efforts to end sexual violence. Information about the campaign can be found at and
For a list of publications that show evaluation of this campaign go to

2. Friends Believe Friends campaign developed by the University of New Hampshire Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention Program. Focuses on helping peers help friends who may disclose victimization. Contact SHARPP for more information

3. Red Flag Campaign - focuses on building dating violence awareness and encouraging peers to say something.

4. Green Dot campaign - developed at University of Kentucky but now its own organization.

5. Cornell University has a Wingman 101 program that also has a poster campaign to raise campus awareness among men.

These are just examples...please share examples of social marketing campaigns from your own work....

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Red Flag Campaign

I've been on campuses that did the official red flag campaign, and on campuses that developed their own social marketing campaigns. 
The red flag campus organizers complained that the materials they were given weren't noticed by their campus communities.  The flags were too small, and some even got taken down by maintenance crews because they didn't realize what they were. 
Campuses that have tried other things, like "Blossoming Awareness" had lots of flower facts posted all over campus, but didn't hear much in response.  Has anyone seen either of these kinds of programs work out on their campuses?

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