Jul 29 OCR to Investigate Five More Colleges for Handling of Campus Sexual Assault Cases
Jul 25 Traumatic childhood events more common among military volunteers
Jul 25 Ohio State Fires Marching Band Director After Finding Tradition of Sexual Hazing
Jul 25 India: Rape of 6-Year-Old Highlights Sexual Abuse
Jul 25 Experts dismiss reports of jihadist-ordered female genital mutilation
Jul 24 Montana judge who gave 30-day rape sentence to be censured
Jul 24 ISIS orders all women and girls in Mosul to undergo FGM, says UN
Jul 22 Campaigners at Girl Summit call for end to female genital mutilation
Jul 22 UK PM David Cameron: I don't want my daughter to grow up in a world where FGM exists
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Jul 17 Sex assaults, harassment reported in science fieldwork
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Jul 15 Rape order on child brings scrutiny on India's village councils
Jul 10 National Survey Finds Many Colleges Still Failing Investigating Sexual Assault
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Jul 08 Sex-Abuse Victims to Pope: Stop Begging for Forgiveness and Just Stop the Abuse
Jul 08 Pope Francis holds his first meeting with clergy sex abuse survivors
Jul 08 South Korean 'comfort women' for U.S. military sue state for forced prostitution