By Julie McCarthy

Valentine's Day saw women from around the globe take up the cause of ending sexual violence. From London to Los Angeles to Johannesburg, street exhibitions, dance performances and musical rallies were all held under the slogan "One Billion Rising."

In New Delhi, revulsion over the fatal gang rape of a 23-year-old student gave added significance to the international campaign.

By Kyung Lah

Tokyo, Japan (CNN) -- The game begins with a teenage girl on a subway platform. She notices you are looking at her and asks, "Can I help you with something?"

That is when you, the player, can choose your method of assault.

With the click of your mouse, you can grope her and lift her skirt. Then you can follow her aboard the train, assaulting her sister and her mother.

March 31, 2009
Hamid Karzai has been accused of trying to win votes in Afghanistan's presidential election by backing a law the UN says legalises rape within marriage and bans wives from stepping outside their homes without their husbands' permission.
The Afghan president signed the law earlier this month, despite condemnation by human rights activists and some MPs that it flouts the constitution's equal rights provisions.

(New York) - New government data suggesting high levels of sexual abuse of confined youth in the United States should galvanize the Department of Justice to swiftly issue national standards to end

In a quiet push to more honestly address sexual crimes within the military, the Air Force will release a survey later this week that finds 1 in 5 women say they have been sexually assaulted since joining the service.


One of the most comprehensive studies undertaken by the US military to assess sexual assaults within its ranks, it could become a model for how the military as a whole begins to address the problem, defense officials say.


More than 1,100 teenaged girls have been sexually exploited at illegal mining camps in the jungles of southeastern Peru, a daily newspaper said Monday, citing information from the Save the Children organization. 


Illegal gold mining is at its height in the Madre de Dios region, and mining camps set up on various stretches of the Interoceanica Highway have attracted other activities as well, including the so-called "prostibars" where police found 20 teenaged girls in a recent sweep, El Comercio reported.

By the CNN Wire staff


Mexico City, Mexico (CNN) -- A pregnant 10-year-old, allegedly raped by her stepfather, has become the latest lightning rod in the country's heated abortion debate.


The girl's stepfather has been arrested. But advocates on both sides of the issue say their battle is just beginning.


NECN: Julie Loncich, Boston) - Nearly a dozen more victims have come forward will allegations of sexual abuse against former Red Sox clubhouse manager Donald Fitzpatrick, including former Baltimore Orioles batboy, Ronald Shelton.

Shelton was inspired to tell his story after others came forward last December. The 38-year-old clams Fitzpatrick abused him on several occasions in 1990 when he was only 17 and says he had no idea he wasn't alone.

By Stephanie Gallman and Phil Gast

(CNN) -- Two 18-year-old men face child pornography charges in connection with the case of a 17-year-old girl who hanged herself after she was allegedly gang-raped and bullied online, Canadian authorities said Thursday evening.

A police statement did not provide details, but the family of Rehtaeh Parsons has said she developed suicidal thoughts after she was sexually assaulted in 2011 and a picture of the incident was shared by phone and online.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton issued the ninth annual Department of State Trafficking in Persons Report today. The report outlined major forms of human trafficking including forced labor, bonded labor, debt bondage among migrant laborers, involuntary domestic servitude, forced child labor, child soldiers, sex trafficking, and child sex trafficking and related abuses.


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