By Jason Felch and Kim Christensen

For nearly a century, the Boy Scouts of America has relied on a confidential blacklist known as the "perversion files" as a crucial line of defense against sexual predators.

Scouting officials say they've used the files to prevent hundreds of men who had been expelled for alleged sexual abuse from returning to the ranks. They've fought hard in court to keep the records from public view, saying confidentiality was needed to protect victims, witnesses and anyone falsely accused.

By Kim Christensen and Jason Felch

Over two decades, the Boy Scouts of America failed to report hundreds of alleged child molesters to police and often hid the allegations from parents and the public.

A Los Angeles Times review of 1,600 confidential files dating from 1970 to 1991 has found that Scouting officials frequently urged admitted offenders to quietly resign — and helped many cover their tracks.

By Jason Felch


The Boy Scouts of America has announced it will review more than a half-century of its confidential files on alleged sexual predators and will inform law enforcement of any cases it had not previously disclosed.

By Lynda Waddington


In mid-April U.S. Rep. Bruce Braley (D-Iowa) introduced HR 1517, the Holley Lynn James Act, to encourage the military to provide more accountability for sexual assault and domestic violence. Monday he took the cause one step further by directly asking President Barack Obama to use his authority to implement certain provisions in the bill.


By Greg Allen
State judges in Miami are being asked to mediate a dispute that involves the city, the state and a growing colony of sex offenders.
The colony is an encampment of tents and shacks under a Miami bridge that began when corrections officers began ordering offenders there a few years ago. The shantytown was created in response to local laws that restrict where sex offenders can live.

March 2013 – If current child marriage rates continue, more than 140 million girls will become child brides between 2011 and 2020, the United Nations said today, warning that little progress has been made towards ending this harmful practice.

Of these 140 million girls, 50 million will be under the age of 15, according to the UN Population Fund (UNFPA), which added that young girls who marry before the age of 18 have a greater risk of becoming victims of intimate partner violence than those who marry later.

By Peter Hamby


ROCHESTER, Michigan (CNN) -- Appearing Wednesday at a presidential debate in Michigan focused primarily on economic matters, Republican Herman Cain again faced down questions about the sexual harassment scandal that has engulfed his campaign and the Republican race for the White House.


"Why should the American people hire a president if they feel there are character issues?" Cain was asked by one of the moderators, Maria Bartiromo of CNBC, in the early moments of the debate.


By Maura Dolan and Michael J. Mishak

California legislators and the state's top prosecutor said Friday that they would work to overhaul a law that makes it a crime to obtain sex by impersonating another only if the victim is a married woman.

The 19th century law required a state appeals court on Wednesday to overturn the rape conviction of a Los Angeles County man who entered a darkened bedroom where a woman was sleeping and had sex with her.

SACRAMENTO – The California State Senate today passed the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Prisoner Safety Act, AB 633, in a 26-9 vote.


Sponsored by Equality California and introduced by Assemblymember Tom Ammiano, D-San Francisco, the bill is designed to prevent violence against LGBT people in the state prison system.


By Katherine Tam
Contra Costa Times


SACRAMENTO — State lawmakers approved a bill Monday that would require witnesses to report violent and sexual crimes against minors, a measure prompted by the Richmond gang rape.


The state Senate approved the bill authored by Sen. Leland Yee, D-San Francisco, on a bipartisan 29-0 vote. The item now moves to the state Assembly for consideration.



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