(Kabul) – Militias and some units of the new US-backed Afghan Local Police are committing serious human rights abuses, but the government is not providing proper oversight or holding them accountable, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. The Afghan government and the US should sever ties with irregular armed groups and take immediate steps to create properly trained and vetted security forces that are held accountable for their actions.

By Rod Nordland


KABUL, Afghanistan — Afghanistan is expected to sign a formal agreement with the United Nations on Sunday to stop the recruitment of children into its police forces and ban the common practice of boys being used as sex slaves by military commanders, according to Afghan and United Nations officials.


The effort by Afghanistan’s international backers to rapidly expand the country’s police and military forces has had the unintended consequence of drawing many under-age boys into service, the officials conceded.


A coalition of gender activists and social entrepreneurs from Africa gathered in Nairobi on Tuesday for a three-day summit to kick-start a new campaign against all forms of sexual violence against women.

NOTE: This article contains disturbing content that may be triggering for some readers.


30 November 2012 – The 21st century has seen the rise of new forms of slavery, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warned today in a message to mark the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery, in which he also urged Member States to increase their efforts in the fight against the dehumanizing scourge.

By Tom Cohen

(CNN) -- A defiant Rep. Todd Akin of Missouri said Tuesday he will stay in the Senate race to unseat Democrat Claire McCaskill despite mounting calls from across the political spectrum for him to withdraw over incendiary comments on rape and pregnancy.

Akin cited what he called a grassroots conservative movement in the country that needs a voice in government for his decision to reject increasing pressure from the Republican Party, congressional colleagues and others to step aside.

ANCHORAGE - Attorney General Dan Sullivan is asking lawyers to donate their time to provide legal assistance to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.


Sullivan is planning a "pro bono summit" this month in Anchorage.


By Al Arabiya

NOTE: This article contains graphic content that may be triggering for some readers.

By CNN Wire Staff

By Adam Liptak

WASHINGTON — The notices arrive almost every day. They tell a young woman named Amy, as she is called in court papers, that someone has been charged with possessing child pornography. She was the child.


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