By Laura Strickler
(CBS)  In response to a CBS News investigation that found 20,000 untested kits nationwide, the San Antonio Police Department made a major announcement: it will now test all rape kits in stranger cases and will also go back and test all untested stranger rape kits in storage.
“We don’t want to let any case where someone is sexually assaulted fall through the cracks,” said San Antonio Police Chief William McManus.

10 November 2009
Numerous studies from around the globe confirm the links between violence against women and HIV. These studies show that women living with HIV are more likely to have experienced violence, and that, women who have experienced violence are more likely to have HIV infection.

By Mark Schliebs
Thursday, November 12, 2009

No one knows if 1-year-old Yunus will ever see his mother again. Like 6 million other Indonesians, she traveled far from home to find employment. She was hired by a wealthy family in Saudi Arabia. But one day, while on her boss's property, she went to check on some goats and, according to what is known of her tale, was raped by two men. Yunus was conceived of that assault.


Lexington, Missouri (CNN) -- Police arrested a sixth member of a Missouri family under investigation for allegations of child sexual abuse, police said.
Darrel Mohler has been charged with two counts of rape, Lafayette County Sheriff Kerrick Alumbaugh said at a news conference. Missouri police did not have Mohler in custody earlier.

By P.J. Huffstutter
The Ohio man whom investigators believe may be one of the Midwest's most prolific serial killers pleaded not guilty this morning to charges of rape and attempted murder in connection with a September attack that led to investigators discovering the remains of 11 women at his home.
Amid heavy security inside Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court in Cleveland, Anthony Sowell, 50, also pleaded not guilty to kidnapping and felonious assault as part of the alleged Sept. 22 sexual attack.

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Incidents of violence against women on mainstream U.S. television has increased by 120 percent in the past five years, with the depiction of teen girls as victims rising by some 400 percent, the Parents Television Council said in a report on Wednesday.
The media watchdog said it was particularly disturbed by the use of violence against women in comedies and said it hoped TV networks and advertisers would stand up against the trend.

The Exploitation of Sexual Victimization for Political Agendas


Newswise — When a 15-year-old northern California high school student was gang raped at her homecoming dance recently, as many as two dozen people stood by while the girl was assaulted by as many as 10 people.
Sharyn Potter, associate professor of sociology, and Vicki Banyard, associate professor of psychology, both at the University of New Hampshire, have extensively studied sexual violence prevention and the bystander phenomena –– what influences people’s decision to intervene or not when they see a crime occurring -– and are available to discuss it.

The House passed a Coast Guard Reauthorization Act Friday that requires annual reporting of the number of sexual assaults on and by members of the Coast Guard and establishes requirements for owners of cruise ships. The commandant of the Coast Guard will submit the report, which will also detail all disciplinary actions taken in each case, any subsequent policies and procedures implemented in response to the incidents, as well as a plan for the following year to reduce incidents of sexual assault.

* Note: Article contains content that may be disturbing to some readers *
By Chris McGreal
Thursday 15 October

US defence firms are to be barred from lucrative government contracts if they refuse to allow employees access to the courts, after a woman working for a Halliburton subsidiary in Iraq was prevented from taking legal action over an alleged gang rape by fellow workers.


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