By Mike DeBonis

City officials unveiled a new smartphone app Wednesday meant to help victims of sexual assaults in the city find medical help, get counseling and contact police.

By Michael K. Lavers

Dany, who asked the Washington Blade not to use his last name, came to Virginia from Mexico in 2009 to escape the discrimination and abuse he said he suffered from his classmates and family members because he is gay. Those whom he said kidnapped him after he ran away from the school to which his parents had sent him as a child threatened to kill him because of his sexual orientation.

Leyla W. couldn't figure out where her birth control pills kept going. One day a few tablets would be missing; the next, the whole container. Her then-boyfriend shrugged and said he hadn't seen them. She believed him — until she found them in his drawer. When she confronted him, he hit her. "That was his way of shutting me up," says Leyla, who is in her mid-20s and living in Northern California. (For her safety, Leyla wishes to withhold her last name and hometown.) He also raped her and, most days, left her locked in a bedroom with a bit of food and water while he went to work.

A report in London's Daily Telegraph today, citing retired Major Gen.

By Jennifer Yang

In 1991, as Bangladesh was being battered by one of the deadliest tropical cyclones ever recorded, a desperate father clung to his two children: his son under one arm, his daughter under the other.

But the tidal waves were too powerful and the father realized he could no longer hold onto both. He had to make a choice: he let his daughter go.

“This son,” he later told researchers, “has to carry on the family line.”

By the CNN wire staff

London (CNN) -- WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, under house arrest in Britain for more than a year, appeared at the UK Supreme Court on Wednesday to fight his extradition to Sweden.

His lawyers argued a Swedish warrant for Assange's arrest is invalid because it was issued by a Swedish prosecutor, who they say is not an independent and impartial judicial authority.

By David Lerman

A “wingman policy” requiring Air Force trainees to be accompanied by at least one classmate at all times is among rules the service said it has adopted after an inquiry found a sex-abuse scandal at a Texas base is wider than previously acknowledged.

The Wisconsin state Senate voted 25-6 to pass the Compassionate Care for Rape Victims bill last week. The bill mandates that all hospitals in the state provide rape victims with information on and access to Emergency Contraception (EC). EC is a single dose medication that prevents pregnancy when taken within 120 hours of unprotected sex. Plan B is the most commonly used EC, and has an 89% success rate in preventing unintended pregnancies if taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex, reports Wisconsin Alliance for Women's Health

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