Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2017: Engaging New Voices

By Susan Sullivan
National Sexual Violence Resource Center

The theme of this year’s campaign was Engaging New Voices – a message that focused on mobilizing parents, coaches, faith leaders, and Greek Life to get involved in sexual violence prevention efforts. Campaign materials provided these groups with actionable steps to promote healthy attitudes and behaviors. Many campaign organizers used this as an opportunity to brainstorm ways to reach out to new allies in their own communities. They held film screenings, vigils, rallies, town hall meetings, tabling events, and more throughout the month, which successfully brought new voices into the movement. 

Social media also played a large part in this year’s campaign. Many organizations saw an uptick their online audience engagement during SAAM by posting share graphics, the campaign video, and encouraging involvement in the annual 30 Days of SAAM Instagram Contest. There were around 3,000 submissions to the contest this year, with everything from group photos to the artistic and empowering – and everything in between!

With so much momentum behind the campaign, it’s hard not to look forward for what’s to come in 2018. Next SAAM we’ll continue the momentum of reaching out to new allies and focusing on prevention through changing the culture. Check back to the SAAM website at and blog for updates – such as the announcement of next year’s campaign theme.   

Photos submitted for the Instagram contest


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