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This section includes key resources for understanding sexual violence research focused on rural communities.

Separation/Divorce Sexual Assault in Ohio: Survivors’ Perceptions of Collective Efficacy by Walter DeKeseredy (2005)

This research examines the incidents of and issues surrounding the sexual assault of women in rural areas during separation and/or divorce. The paper concludes by finding that many women were sexually assaulted at various points in the separation process: 53% being sexually assaulted when they wanted to leave, 32% while they were leaving, and 37% after they had left.

Barriers to Services for Rural and Urban Survivors of Rape by TK Logan, Lucy Evans, Erin Stevenson, and Carol E. Jordon (2005)

With a focus group of thirty women this research explores victim’s experiences in rural versus urban areas to explore the barriers to services survivors may experience.

Sexual Victimization in Indian Country: Barriers and Resources for Native Women Seeking Help by Sherry Hamby (2004)

Sexual victimization is part of the terrible history of oppression, violence, and maltreatment that American Indians have experienced at the hands of the United States government and its citizens. This paper addresses the prevalence of sexual victimization, barriers to seeking help, resources for survivors and implications for prevention and intervention.

Responding to Sexual Assault in Rural Communities by Alexandra Neame and Melanie Heenan (2004)

This briefing paper takes into account some of the issues that women and workers in Australia often need to negotiate when living in rural areas. It includes results from a survey that explores factors that impact sexual violence response services in rural areas.

Sexual Assault in Rural Communities by Susan Lewis with contributions from Ellen Reed (2003)

This overview article addresses: defining ‘rural,’ reporting, service provision, victim-offender relationships, prevalence, rural service delivery research and resources. It includes a section for rural service providers and investigators.

Unspoken Crimes: Sexual Assault in Rural America by National Sexual Violence Resource Center (2003)

This report addresses the definition of ‘rural,’ the qualities of sexual assault in rural areas, barriers to reporting, prevalence, challenges for rural advocates and a bibliography. It also includes detailed information on sexual assault in several states as well as the nation, and a section of reports from individuals working in rural communities to address sexual violence.

Sexual Assault in Indian Country by the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (2000)

This booklet addresses sexual assault in Indian Country by highlighting certain types of sexual assault evidence and presenting it within the historical treatment of native populations, jurisdictional problems and prevalence of violence overall.


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