Sexual Assault Response Team Definition

A Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) is a multidisciplinary interagency team of individuals working collaboratively to provide services for the community by offering specialized sexual assault intervention services. Teams are specialized to fit the needs of each community and generally have goals of increasing reporting and conviction of sexual assaults and countering the experience of sexual trauma with a sensitive and competent response. Typically, teams consists of key responders such as advocates, law enforcement officers, forensic examiners (e.g.; SANE/SAFE/FNE), crime lab personnel, and prosecutors.

The NSVRC works with responders from around the United States to identify resources, translate research findings and analyze policy will assist in the development, enhancement and sustainability of SARTs. The NSVRC offers a number of ways for SARTs to connect with experts in the field, to learn from each other, and to receive customized technical assistance. These efforts are outlined in the following sections. For more information, please contact us via email or call, toll-free 877-739-3895.