A publication from Aequitas offers strategies for prosecuting child sexual abuse by a family member. The challenging dynamics involved in these cases can lead to misunderstandings about the child's behavior or how dangerous the perpetrator really is. Some of the recommendations include developing an understanding of grooming techniques and using forensic interviewing.

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This directory brings together many of the currently available resources and initiatives related to child sexual abuse prevention, providing descriptions of organizations, programs, projects and a wide range of resources. It offers user-friendly icons to assist you in locating specific types of resources. This 264 page manual also features category indices, resource bibliographies, and highlights related research and key stakeholders. View the Child Sexual Abuse Prevention materials in the NSVRC Library.

This publication discusses reshaping sex offender public policy through a comprehensive approach and new collaborative models through cross-disciplinary professional partners; to craft new policies that prevent abuse before it is perpetrated and re-offenses.

Child sexual abuse is complex and can affect survivors in different ways in different areas over the years: trust, safety, power, physical health, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, and social relationships. This paper will consider the practices of rape crisis centers and coalitions as they act, engage, and remember with adult survivors of child sexual abuse with strategies in crisis intervention, counseling, holistic healing, and advocacy for adult survivors of child sexual abuse.

This paper introduces and discusses a recent policy memo from the U.S. Department of Education that clarifies the distinctions between bullying and harassment and the priorities and responsibilities of school districts, outlines the differences between sexual harassment and bullying, explores the unintended consequences of ignoring the gendered dimensions of bullying and harassment in K-12 schools, and suggests helpful strategies for advocates collaborating with school personnel and students.

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Este folleto por la Asociación de Tejas Contra el Asalto Sexual (en inglés, TAASA) discute temas de interés para adultos que fueron abusados sexualmente durante la niñez. Los temas son: dificultad en poner limites; memorias y retrospectivas; dolor y luto; enojo; culpa, vergüenza y reproche; problemas de confianza; problemas de intimidad; y problemas de sexualidad. En inglés. Información para hacer un pedido (el PDF es gratis).

This booklet by the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault (TAASA) discusses issues of interest to adults who were sexually abused during childhood. The themes are: difficulty in setting limits; memories and flashbacks; grief and mourning; anger; guilt, shame and blame; trust issues; intimacy issues; and sexuality issues. In Spanish. Ordering information (the PDF is free).


This report focuses on the realities and prevalence of sexual violence committed against children in conflict. It urges action to recognize and address this issue by global leaders.

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This technical assistance bulletin offers information for sexual assault counselors on taint issues with the child client.
Avoiding Issues of Taint with the Child Client

 El guía breve fue diseñado para hombres que están en tratamiento por el abuso de sustancias para que ellos pueden enfrentar los problemas asociados con el abuso infantil. También disponible en inglés.


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