NSVRC SAAM Campaigns by Year

NSVRC Sexual Assault Awareness Month Campaigns By Year

2011 - Present: Campaigns are available by topic in Resources section.



2010 Campaign

The  2010 campaign focused on preventing sexual violence on higher education campuses.

Presidential Proclamation

Sexual Assault Awareness Month and the Spectrum of Prevention

Campus Sexual Violence Resource List


·   Sample campus proclamation (Word document)


2009 Campaign

The 2009 national Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) theme was Respect Works! Prevent Sexual Violence… in our workplaces. Continuing with the same theme, this campaign expanded upon the resources offered in 2008.

Campaign Packet

2009 Featured Event

Workplace Sexual Violence Resource List

Workplace Outreach Guide

Workplace Sexual Violence Fact Sheet

Employer Checklist

2009 Palm Card Text - English

2009 Palm Card Text - Spanish

2008 SAAM Campaign

The 2008 national Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) theme was Prevent Sexual Violence… in our workplaces. Designed to help employers recognize the vital role workplace culture plays in the prevention of sexual violence, this theme promotes a healthy work environment.

2008 Palm Card (html text)

2008 Featured Event: Shop to End Sexual Violence:
Shop to End Sexual Violence letter template
Consumer Pledge
Employer's Pledge

2007 SAAM Campaign

Prevent Sexual Violence… in our Communities
The 2007 national Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) theme was Prevent Sexual Violence… in our communities.  This focus helped communities across the country recognize that everyone is responsible for preventing sexual violence and such an effort requires all of us working together in creative ways.  The theme was intentionally broad enough to allow individual states and territories to focus on particular areas of interest if they wish.

  Campaign Overview
  A Day to End Sexual Violence
  Featured Event
  Prevention Actions


2006 SAAM Campaign

For the 2006 SAAM campaign, the NSVRC promoted the slogan: It’s About Time to Prevent Sexual Violence and the tag line: Speak Out.  This campaign was specifically focused on connect the concepts of awareness and prevention; increasing the number and variety of tools available to the field; and supporting collaborative relationships.

  Campaign Overview
  A Day to End Sexual Violence
  SAAM Activities


2005 SAAM Campaign

For several years, the NSVRC promoted the slogan “Decide to End Sexual Violence” as part of the annual campaign, usually with a tag line added. In 2005, the NSVRC continued with the imperative "Decide to End Sexual Violence" but added, "Build healthy, respectful relationships" This focus brought together important elements of a positive approach to raising awareness and promoting prevention of sexual violence. Additionally, it offered a positive action-oriented emphasis as well as concrete recognition of the value of respectful relationships in preventing sexual violence.

 CDC Letter ’05
 2005 Events


2004 SAAM Campaign

The SAAM 2004 Campaign encouraged all programs to plan an event on April 20th 2004, as “A Day to End Sexual Violence” to increase national impact on that day. The NSVRC also produced a dramatic poster, “Faces of Rape and Sexual Abuse,” highlighting the photographs of Nobuko Oyabu. The poster included a variation on the slogan, “Decide to End Sexual Violence”, as well as a teal ribbon. These posters are still available for purchase, as are three styles of post cards (including one in Spanish) featuring Oyabu’s work. Additionally, the NSVRC initiated an effort to gain more feedback by offering incentives to early responders.

 2004 Overview
 A Day to End Sexual Violence

2003 SAAM Campaign

The SAAM 2003 Campaign unveiled the winning slogan from the previous year's contest, “Decide to End Sexual Violence.” The NSVRC used the winning slogan in poster art, and provided a CD for customizing the SAAM posters with the teal ribbon and the slogan. The NSVRC also produced and distributed static window decals bearing the slogan. Finally the campaign encouraged programs to “Shout Out” against sexual violence.

 2003 Campaign Description
 Guidelines for National Speak Out event

2002 SAAM Campaign

The SAAM 2002 campaign rested on the initiation of a five-year plan to raise awareness, by promoting greater unity of voice and reinforcing color, month and theme throughout the five-year period. As part of the campaign the NSVRC began a nationwide contest for a slogan. Finally, it provided for the sale and distribution of teal awareness ribbon pins. Campaign documents included a sample of a presentation card for the ribbon pin.

2000-2001 SAAM Campaign

The principle effort of this initial campaign for the NSVRC was to produce a Resource Book to help program planning for SAAM events. This publication provided guidelines, tips, strategies and ideas for successful Sexual Assault Awareness Month Activities that were collected from organizations around the country.

The NSVRC also conducted a survey of SAAM color preferences and facilitated a SAAM focus group in August 2001 to help plan for the direction of subsequent campaigns.

 Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Resource Book



SAAM Happenings



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