03/01/2009 (All day) to 03/06/2009 (All day)
Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas Area
Sponsoring Agency: 
Office for Victims of Crime (OVC)

Who should attend? The NVAA is important to a broad range of service providers, including those who work in:

-Justice-based programs.
-Community/nonprofit organizations/faith-based programs.
-Law enforcement.
-Mental health programs.
-Elder abuse programs.
-Hospitals and medical organizations.

Who are the instructors? Courses are taught by teams of nationally recognized scholars, researchers, and practitioners with hands-on experience—leaders in the field of victimology, criminal justice, and victims’ rights and services.

What courses are being offered? NVAA offers a 5-day, multi-level educational experience to match the full range of skills providers need today. Trainings, according to track, include the following:

Track 1: Foundation-level Training. This training is designed for persons with less than 3 years of experience and preferably for those from states who do not yet have a State Victim Assistance Academy. We expect to award 3.3 CEUs for this training.

Track 2: Professional Skill-Building Institute. This unique track is designed to address several timely topics that confront victim service providers on a daily basis. Topics during the March 2009 session will include: compassion fatigue/vicarious trauma, ethics in victim services, and providing culturally competent services to victims of crime. We expect to award 3.7 CEUs for this training.

Track 3: Leadership Institute. Topics include leadership in victim services, staff development, and strategic planning. We expect to award 3.9 CEUs for this training.

03/17/2009 (All day) to 03/19/2009 (All day)
San Antonio
Sponsoring Agency: 
The Safety Net Project

Victims of domestic and sexual violence and stalking often flee their homes for safety without adequate information regarding their legal rights and obligations. This conference will share effective tools for working toward victim safety and privacy, including the following:

• Technology Abuse and Survivor Safety
• Challenges When Relocating
• Child Custody and Virtual Visitation
• Data On The Web and In Databases
• Address Confidentiality
• And Much More


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